Throwback Thursday - June 1979 and the CRAPPER DASH!

The flyer reads ....


In June 1979, the Town Line Volunteer Fire Department held the First Annual U.S. National Championship Crapper Dash. Entrants from area fire departments built outhouses on wheels and raced to the finish to win prizes. First place was $250 which was a lot of money back then!

The weekend was a weekend of camping and fun on our old picnic grounds on Town Line Road north of Broadway and included food, beer, pop, kiddie rides, clams, and the world famous Town Line clam chowder. Also planned in the evening was music and a few surprises.

There several rules including "Crapper Captain must remained seated on the "throne" throughout the course of the race.

It sounds like a heck of a good time for sure!

We've included some photos from the day including the invitation and a few pics from the newspapers. We are also thrilled to receive a few colored photos from Kathy L. Thank you Kathy!

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