The members of the Town Line Volunteer Fire Department come from all walks of life. They are construction workers, finance and banking professionals, mechanics, ambulance workers, students, and business professionals. They are fathers and mothers, spouses and friends. They all have one thing in common, they are neighbors dedicated to the safety and security of the communities of Lancaster and Alden. 

Responding to emergency calls is only a small part of being a member of the Town Line Volunteer Fire Department. Keeping skills sharp requires hours of dedicated training. All of our firefighters must go through a state certification process and maintain the required annual training. Our members also each take a part in the day to day operations of the department including vehicle and equipment inventory and maintenance, building and grounds upkeep, committee work, public relations events, and more.

Schlicht Director.jpg

Thomas K. Schlicht

Member Since July 1967

Smith Asst Chief.jpg

John Smith

Member since July 1983

Heary FF.jpg

Joseph Heary

Member since May 1994

Palermo FF.jpg

John Palermo

Member since January 1991

Broska J President.jpg

Jennifer Broska

Member since December 1994

DeVries VP.jpg

Richard DeVries

Member since December 1991

Chilelli Director.jpg

Louis Chilelli

Member since November 1995

Broska B Chief.jpg

Brett Broska

Member since July 1993

Kidder EMS.jpg

Christopher Kidder

Member since August 2013

Mark Sergeant at Arms.jpg

Justin Mark

Member since August 2015

Rowell Lt.jpg

Craig Rowell

Member since July 2018

Hopkins FF.jpg

Bryan Hopkins

Member since May 2019

Tarver Director.jpg

Erik Tarver

Member since January 2004

Dziadosz FF.jpg

Michael Dziadosz

Member since November 2013

Lesser C Lieutenant.jpg

Chad Lesser

Member since August 2016

Grassl FF.jpg

Alexis Grassl

Member since November 2018

Kader FF.jpg

John Kader

Member since March 2020

Lesser B Director.jpg

Brett Lesser

Member since August 2015

Member May 1982 to November 1988

Wright Secretary.jpg

Kevin Wright

Member since October 2014

Blackchief FF.jpg

Jerod Blackchief

Member since August 2017

Vertlieb FF.jpg

Allan Vertlieb

Member since December 2018

Servos Captain.jpg

Brandan Servos

Member since December 2012

Peiffer L EMS Lt.jpg

Lynnette Peiffer

Member since December 2014

Caimano Lt.jpg

William Caimano

Member since May 2018

Matynka FF.jpg

Kenneth Matynka

Member since March 2019

Kasprzyk Deputy Chief.jpg

Stephen Kasprzyk

Member since March 2013

Peiffer B Captain.jpg

Brian Peiffer

Member since December 2014

Mrozik FF.jpg

Alyssa Mrozik

Member since June 2018

Wilson FF.jpg

Charles Wilson

Member since March 2019

Main Station

6507 Broadway Street, Lancaster, NY 14086

Phone: 716.683.0385

Fax: 716.683.0658

Email: tlfd@tlfd.org

Station #2

63 Cemetery Road, Lancaster, NY 14086

Phone: 716.681.1550

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